Ferret Diets

Grains and starches are common in kibbles due to how they are made and can increase the risk of developing a serious pancreatic cancer called insulinoma.

Insulinoma causes abnormal increases in blood insulin, leading to dangerously low blood sugar, which leads to nausea, lethargy, and life-threatening seizures.

At the GCFA we feed our "Low Carb Mix" which is a mixture of 4 different foods:

All of these foods can be found on Chewy.com. Additionally you can find most of them in retail stores:

  • Ziwipeak - specialty stores like Kriser's, Bentley's Pet Stuff
  • Instinct - Petco, Petsmart
  • Oxbow - Petco, Petsmart
  • Wysong - online only

If cost is an issue, you can remove the Ziwipeak, or even feed just a single food on this list. If you need to pick one, we recommend Oxbow. This will still be a much healthier option than low-quality kibbles.

Foods to Avoid

Most ferret foods are loaded with grains and starches. These are cheap but will be detrimental to your ferrets' long term health.

  • Marshall
  • Zupreem
  • Kaytee
  • Wild Harvest
  • Higgins inTune
  • Sunseed "Vita Prima"

Also be sure to avoid any foods that contain peas, as these can cause bladder stones in ferrets.