Medical/Hospice Program

Caring for a medical needs ferret saves lives! It is one of the most loving and compassionate things you can do!

Do you have experience in caring for ferrets with medical needs? If so you may be interested in our Medical/Hospice Program. It is the goal of the GCFA to place ferrets with specialized needs into homes that have advanced knowledge of the care of required for the condition that these ferrets have.

Information and Requirements for GCFA Medical/Hospice Program:

Ferrets eligible for this program are placed in homes for care but the ferret remains the legal property of the GCFA.

The GCFA has final say on all matters concerning the treatment and final disposition of the ferret.

Caretakers will be financially responsible for providing housing, food, water and non-medical needs of the ferret. This includes special diets that may be required.

Because our ferrets in this program can live for years on maintenance drugs, we have a $50.00 drug maintenance fee, per year, to help off-set the cost. This fee is an annual fee and not per ferret.

The GCFA will be financially responsible for all

  • veterinary examination
  • diagnostic testing
  • surgery
  • medical fees incurred by the ferret within these guidelines.

All medical work will be done at a hospital or clinic that the GCFA chooses. All veterinary appointments must be approved by and made through your GCFA caretaker coordinator ahead of time. For various reasons, we may not always be able to send you to your favored veterinarian.

Our primary veterinary hospital, especially in emergencies, is Midwest Bird and Exotics Animal Hospital. We try to do as much veterinary care in house with Dr. Susan Brown when she comes in every few weeks or with our trained medical staff between those visits.

If veterinary fees are incurred at an unapproved veterinary hospital for any reason, or appointments are made at partner vets without the GCFA caretaker coordinator’s consent, the GCFA will not be financially responsible for reimbursement.

All medications will be picked up at the GCFA shelter unless other arrangements have been made with the GCFA caretaker coordinator. This may mean at least one trip to the shelter per month for medications.

All caretakers should know or be willing to learn how to perform the following basic medical necessities:

  • Give oral medications
  • Compound (mix) Pepcid/Famotidine
  • Glucose checks with a glucometer
  • Administer subcutaneous fluids
  • Administer injectable medication
  • Triage medical symptoms

What is an emergency and what isn't?

What is a mass vs adrenal bruising vs injury?

What is a low glucose symptom vs a true seizure?

Maintenance Drugs:

  • Prednisolone (1mg/mL and 5mg/mL)
  • Lasix
  • Melatonin Implant
  • Leuprolide (Lupron)
  • Suprelorin F /Deslorelin Implant
  • Other, as needed or prescribed

If the current caretaker of a ferret in this program is interested in adopting the ferret, approval by shelter staff is required.

To make an appointment, or if you have any questions please call the shelter at 708-442-8650.