Finding Forever Homes for Our
Furry Friends

The Greater Chicago Ferret Association (GCFA) has:

  • Spent 30 years helping ferrets and their owners as the only not-for-profit, no-kill shelter and club in Chicagoland
  • Provided health care and vaccinations to over 8,000 ferrets to date
  • Offered abandoned animals a loving start to a new life
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We couldn’t run the GCFA without the help of our passionate volunteers and donors. Please join them in giving generously. Our friends thank you from the bottom of their furry little hearts!

A Warm Welcome to Our
Ferret-Friendly Supporters

The Greater Chicago Ferret Association (GCFA) is an educational, rescue and adoption organization. Our goals are to spread the word about keeping ferrets as pets, and to care for neglected, abused and abandoned ferrets. In addition to offering resources and information about the care and needs of the domestic ferret, we shelter hundreds of these energetic, sociable animals each year.

Our volunteers offer their time, money and homes to help improve the quality of life for ferrets. They run fundraisers to raise money for cages, food and medicine; help with the daily care of our animals; and become foster “parents.”

While we are eternally grateful for our volunteers’ assistance in caring for our ferrets, our adoption program is the heart and soul of the GCFA shelter. We love our furry friends, but our ultimate goal is to place them in “forever homes,” where they will get plenty of love and exercise.

Won’t you help us find happy homes for our captivating and playful ferrets?