Local Ferret Shelter Asks for Support after Fire


Michelle Williams

LYONS, June 6 2024 -- A faulty wire in a light fixture started a fire at The Greater Chicago Ferret
Association (GCFA). A volunteer called 911 as the not-for-profit, no-kill ferret shelter was filling with

The Lyons Fire Department (LFD) rushed to the shelter located on Odgen Ave. Firefighters made it safe
for GCFA volunteers to begin an emergency evacuation in minutes. The quick response of the LFD
ensured the survival of 56 ferrets. GCFA is forever grateful for LFD and their swift response.

While no ferret was hurt or in need of hospitalization, another necessity has arisen. While damage to
the building was minimal, GCFA still needs support in moving to a new facility. GCFA is in urgent search
for a suitable property. GCFA welcomes those interested in fostering a ferret, or willing to volunteer
during this large relocation effort.

Donations are also essential as GCFA prepares for this transition. One hundred percent of all donations
go directly for ferret support. You can visit www.gcfa.com to make a donation or access GCFA’s
Chewy.com or Amazon Wishlist. See the Greater Chicago Ferret Association’s Facebook page or

GCFA will continue its mission to rescue neglected, abused and abandoned ferrets. GCFA is still here to
educate you on owning and adopting one of these sociable, energetic pets. Please call 708.442.8650 for
more information about GCFA and adoptable ferrets.